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Fall asleep to the voice of Alexander Skarsg?rd.

“The Lighthouse – narrated by Alexander Skarsg?rd. Listen to the sample or download Sleep Cycle for the full track.

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The Lighthouse

Alexander Skarsg?rd performs a story for us, designed to bring rest and comfort

Listen to Alexander Skarsg?rd reading “The Lighthouse”, a soothing story about traveling across the oceans, and finding our way back home again.

“As a Swedish native, I was honored to collaborate with Sleep Cycle on this project,” said Skarsg?rd. “It’s my hope that the soothing journey within ‘The Lighthouse’ brings listeners the peace and relaxation they need for a good night’s sleep.”

With Sleep Cycle’s library of meditations and music, soundscapes and stories, our content helps users gently drift into sleep. We all respond differently, based on our own stories as human beings that shape us through life. Sleep Cycle’s Sleep Aid program is produced with this in mind, on a platform that combines objective findings with an understanding of the emotional experience.

“I always had Mr. Skarsg?rd in mind when writing ‘The Lighthouse’, says novelist and Sleep Cycle’s Head of Content, Andreas Roman. “I’ve followed his work for years and the very specific and compassionate approach he seems to take on everything he does, became the voice for this story. His performance is a truly powerful and strong one.”

Listen to “The Lighthouse”, narrated by Alexander Skarsg?rd. Download Sleep Cycle on Apple AppStore or Google Play.

Biography Alexander Skarsg?rd

Alexander Skarsg?rd is a Golden Globe, Emmy, and SAG award winning actor who maintains a fearless pursuit of challenging roles, evolving with each new project. His film credits include Godzilla Vs. Kong, Hold The Dark, The Aftermath, The Hummingbird Project, Diary of a Teenage Girl, Melancholia, What Maisie Knew, Disconnect, The Giver, The East, Battleship, and in 2022 will star in The Northman. ?On television he has starred on Big Little Lies, True Blood, The Stand, The Little Drummer Girl, Generation Kill and later this fall will star on the third season of Succession.

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